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I'm a big Bears lover and living here in Chicago I can get aorund 32 networks to my Curve . The thing that many surprised me ended up being the caliber of the electronic sign. The games look positively fantastic, a lot better than on cable.I'm no more than 10 miles from our broadcast towers and initially I experienced set up a pre-amp from the antenna when I thought my cable run had been for enough time to require one. I really overloaded my sign and was good when We took that right back from the loop.Haven't cancelled the cable services bill rather yet but We absolutely switch back once again to the antenna once the Bears take No Dipole for VHF but perfect for UHF

- Evaluation by: EdK

I purchased 3 antennas from Amazon and they are all assessed right here. For just two among these antennas, the problem had been that both ABC and CBS [channels 7 (WJLA) and 9 (WUSA)] within my location, and I also suspect other areas besides, have relocated to High-band VHF was received intermittently if at all. In every situations, I happened to be 30 kilometers from TV programs and set the antenna over an 8 foot large Tall Boy dealing with the direction indicated by Fortunately, that course experienced towards an outside wall surface of my residence.

1st antenna ended up being the Mohu Curve 50 fashion designer HDTV Antenna. This tiny antenna actually worked really for many UHF channels and in basic i'd get about 40 channels including the two VHF stations and. But I experienced issues with VHF stations 7 and 9. When I purchased the Winegard LNA-200 Increase XT Digital HDTV Preamplifier from Amazon and setup it to see if it aided get VHF channels 7 and 9. Then I acquired about 43 networks such as the two VHF channels. It was as a result of LNA or Low Noise Amplifier which put the Noise Figure (NF) for my brand new Sony television at about 2 dB. The problem had been that VHF channels for ABC and CBS (Channels 7 and 9 within the Washington, D.C. location) would however fade in and out and do not be dependable adequate to record making use of Viewtv or (both of which I purchased at Amazon). The remaining networks had been really dependable given that they were all UHF channels. I believe it is amazing this antenna in fact did wonders because of its instead small-size.

The next antenna ended up being the Antennas Direct C2-V-CJM ClearStream 2-V Long Range UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor DTV Antenna with 20-Inch Mount additionally purchased from Amazon. The was a more substantial antenna that used a VHF Dipole as well as a UHF antenna to supposedly pick up the UHF channels as well as the VHF stations via the dipole augmentation. Naturally there was only one dipole using the length matched towards high-VHF band. I became hoping this “rabbit ear” augmentation could be adequate. But, no these types of luck. Not just performed I have equivalent problem as the Mohu, nevertheless now via fading inside and outside, I became dropping some UHF stations besides.

The Good News Is, Amazon accepted this antenna as a return for my current antenna, the “Winegard Free Vision FV-30BB HDTV Antenna”. This will be an older design antenna with at the very least three dipoles for VHF networks providing it a more substantial efficient aperture. I will be now attracting channels not only from Washington, D.C. reliably (including 7 and 9), but additionally some from Baltimore, MD. I actually obtained 54 stations, some of which i just disabled given that they had been either Baltimore repeats of D.C. Channels or other people I happened to be not thinking about. I am totally surprised. This only visits show that newer styles are not fundamentally better designs.

This antenna (combined with the solitary tuner version of Simple.TV and Viewtv) has permitted us to completely cut the cord. My extra expenditures of two Roku 3’s let me put Easy.TV live or taped movie on any HDTV and also this version (only this version) of Simple.TV has a no cost-free guide enabling me to pick just “New” recordings easily want. I can also watch television on any preferred phone or pad device via the internet at any area with no-cost Wi-Fi. I'll review these various other products separately later on. Suffice it to say, i will be now eventually incredibly pleased – no more Direct-TV or Comcast Cable or ….!

Simple Peasy...

- Analysis by: Chris Callahan

Hooked up towards the television in less than five full minutes. Set the TV to "antenna, " initiated the "station scan" function and was viewing antenna television in under ten minutes, complete.

Very easy to put in, clear instructions, works as advertised. Also, far better browsing than rabbit ears!!!

Wonderful Product

- Analysis by: Terri Patino

We rated this a 4 celebrity because occasionally there clearly was periodic link and once put on the wall, you just want to wait it. However, I LIKE there is sufficient cable size provided with the antenna while the USB add-ons are great. I would recommend the product to my friends which only view the main broadcast stations like me while having them save the cash to cover a provider. I have a plasma TV and the images are stunning. simple to use

- Evaluation by: Ter

it dose work great image great hd good it matters were you live on which you can easily grab simple put up quickly shipper no problems better after that a cable bill I don't watch some television therefore perfect what I pick-up Works as advertised

- Analysis by: Evan Waitman

Simple to setup and I surely could receive all networks within a 50 mile distance. It's definitely better browsing than the old bunny ears. Amazing

- Review by: Wanye

I reside in a location in which it is difficult to even get good internet speed (many hills and mountains for over plus We have adobe wall space). Tired of the bundling rip-off bundles I made the decision to flow every little thing anyhow. Missed my PBS place therefore I bought 2 of the antennas in addition they work perfectly throughout regions of my house. Look great, work great. mohu curve 50 outstanding

- Evaluation by: jwjones

replaced my two year old Terk amplified antenna aided by the curve 50, reside in Carlsbad CA, in the mountains and receive none of this nearby San Diego stations except Fox, the bend picked up 90 programs in one place, weed out the spanish, shopping and faith stations leave myself with 36 networks that I watch, the channels the Terk accustomed get are now actually sharper photos, and twelve even more channels versus Terk got despite repositioning, what exactly is truly amazing is that these networks are mostly L.A depending and range between 50 and 65 kilometers towards transmitters, nice having a product made in the U. S. and it provides performance beyond its statements. Excellent

- Evaluation by: Ash

Plug and play, no technology knowledge required. Guidelines supper very easy to follow. Excellent reception plus it works as previously mentioned. I would recommend the product. MOHU Curve 50

- Review by: John G Roberts

Great stuff. Never expect wonder channels to pop-up. You will get the basic OTA Channels. We have tried it when you look at the North Bay of bay area, where you get ABC, NBC, CBS, and even FOX plus a couple of randoms. Additionally, in Mobile, Alabama, you get the very first 3 minus FOX...

It is superior HD photo though, and I also will have the ability to watch major occasions anytime I want to.

We obtained an APPLE television for Christmas time and has now already been wonderful. Therefore now We have Netflix, my Curve, and perhaps someone's email and code to get into HBO software, ESPN software, etc. Cutting the cord just isn't perfect, but saving $70 a month and about 700 a year is certainly not terrible. When I in the morning residence today we view much more programming than we previously did. Plus Im motivated to-do even more home based and read more.

Give it a go, it feels pretty good to phone the cable provider and inform them you will be done with the cable percentage of your bill. The company I-go through costs around $50 for the right internet feasible. For approximately a couple of weeks right after my call they attempted pitching me via phone, post, and e-mail to signal back up for a few months free and a lot of various other discounts. Cannot eat the apple! Tomorrow is cordless.


- Assessment by: Works fantastically for people amid Manhatt

I am thrilled using Mohu Curve 50! The very first time, we are getting television channels on the atmosphere! We've been residing on the ground floor of a 6 tale brick building for several years, and we are at the back of the building, dealing with towards an interior courtyard in the middle of the block, amidst many high structures (upper West Side, NYC). Consequently we never could get any stations at all - I mean, zilch, although we are in the middle of NYC and stations were broadcasting everywhere. We believed this is only an immutable reality of life. Our company is not hefty television people, but we'd having basic cable (no advanced or scrambled networks) in order to see anything at all. But I just chose to see if more recent antenna technology would assist, and performed a search for "best interior digital television antenna for New York City" which led me to some reviews and a couple of promising antennas to use. With trepidation, we ordered a Mohu Curve 50. Setup had been super easy, the antenna is of interest, but on top of that, it earns practically all the broadcast channels for sale in this location - beautifully - on our tiny HDTV. We're now getting: NBC, FOX, ABC, WOR, PBS (both 13 and NJTV), CUNY-TV, ION, QUBO, NYC-TV and many Chinese, Korean and Spanish programs, in which before we got nothing. (for many as yet not known reason, however, we are not getting CBS, nor WLIW.) But WOW - we are seeing the Olympics, NOVA & Masterpiece Theatre on PBS, and just about anything else we're able to would you like to see - and look great! Im so satisfied with this antenna! Most useful antenna yet!

- Evaluation by: Andrew Stuart

This system is fantastic. I'd been with the original Mohu Leaf. It worked perfectly, but I wanted to upgrade to an amplified antenna. I made the decision on the Mohu Curve 50 across Leaf Ultimate due to the appearance. The Curve works completely. We plugged in antenna, performed a channel scan, and three minutes later had been seeing no-cost TV. It accumulates every channel completely. Worth every penny. I would recommend this to anyone who wants best antenna made. It life as much as the 50 mile requirements

- Review by: Jeremiah

I got myself this centered on specifications from it having the ability to get signals as much as 50 miles out. Whenever I received it, it was plenty smaller and a great deal less heavy than I expected. It really is therefore light, the cable cord can move it effortlessly. I wish that they had made the stand out of something aside from light synthetic to assist hold it in place, but oh well. As previously reported, I became in the beginning worried that tiny thing wouldn't normally pick-up indicators much better than a non-amplified device. However, I was lifeless wrong and very first impressions aren't always accurate.

I hooked it and my television scanned for my neighborhood networks. All the towers in my own location are observed between 10 and 32 kilometers away, although a person is situated 52 miles out. It gets all the channels inside their full high-definition glory with no break-up, though the station this is certainly 52 miles away breaks up therefore badly that it is unwatchable. For that reason, their particular 50 mile claim appears to be spot-on, and I reside in NC in which there are several hills, woods, also obstructions.

Let's be honest, this is certainly one pricey interior antenna. I in the beginning would remain under $60 and acquire the Amazon Basics amplified antenna, but it had been rented out already. I really couldn't afford to wait and I also needed to get one rapidly since I have always been throwing my high-priced cable business to your curb. The overall performance with this product is great, but since it has actually a designer/modern appearance, I can't help believe discover an "Apple taxation" onto it just because of its sleekness, even though you really can not blame an organization for asking a premium on outstanding performing product. Even with the premium price, we however give it 5 performers on its performance.

moho-brooklyn ny

- Evaluation by: andrew

i've possessed previously version of the mohu indoor antenna. When you have the previous amplified antenna and you get all networks, however don't recommend getting the curve 50 once the high quality is the same. Once I had the previous amplified version, I really couldn't get a very good indicators on several channels, especially if weather condition is raining/snowing. Today, I have all channels demonstrably w/ the curve 50 despite bad weather. Sadly, i nonetheless must move the bend 50 antenna around (best position would be to aim the antenna towards window), and put my own right by the screen sill to have all stations. The bend 50 is a bit more substantial than past designs so you can not place it on wall. Fantastic antenna

- Assessment by: Andrew

This really is my 2nd Mohu antenna. We began with the initial Leaf ( the one which looked like it absolutely was simply a laminated sheet of paper) and it worked great. I was getting frustrated at finding that perfect spot, until you changed the station. Then you find another perfect place, except now another channel did not are available in. I must say I desired to make use of an amplified antenna being remedy this issue. The Curve 50 suit your purposes. I set the antenna in a single spot, scanned, and all associated with stations are offered in perfect. No longer of the one channel not comin whilst sleep do.blah. Many thanks Mohu in making outstanding product and saving me some serious cash! Great replacement for cable
1 by one HDTV Antenna Model OUS00 0189 FREE TV 25 Mile
1 by one HDTV Antenna Model OUS00 0189 FREE TV 25 Mile ...
Antenna amplifiers
Antenna amplifiers
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