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There's no better automobile to install a CB in than a pickup vehicle! Apart from the tough good looks and functionality a pleasant CB install adds, the pickup provides the most choices when it comes to antenna and radio mounting.

Mounting Area General Recommendations

In most cases for many pickup antenna installments:

  • Longer = Better. The longer the antenna, the better overall performance might get.
  • Higher = Better. The larger up it is possible to mount antenna, the greater performance you will obtain. If at all possible you desire at least 1/2 regarding the antenna over the roof range and 1/3 above the roofline at a minimum.
  • Top Quality = Better. It could sounds obvious, however you will progress performance (both in regards to range potential and longevity) from a common, reliable brand name. We will point out details brands and model later this short article.

Center associated with the Roof - The Ideal place

In terms of performance, it is hard to defeat mounting an antenna between your pickup's roof. The Reason Why? This guarantees it is situated during the highest point-on your automobile, that will maximize performance. It will likewise be set up in the exact middle of the vehicle's framework. This acts to both minimize any directional bias (getting signals only in one course) and improve omni-directional transfer capabilities.

For roof installments, magnet mount antennas have a tendency to work best. If you're able to swing it, we would suggest a 3' or 5' magnet mount for top of your beloved rig.

A 3' antenna offer much more clearance, while a 5' model offer maximum range. Wilson makes the most popular magnet mount antennas. For pickups, we would recommend the Wilson Little Wil for a 3' variation in addition to Wilson 1000 magnetic Antenna for a 5' alternative.

Both antennas have coax, mount plus the antenna whip - so you'll just require a radio to perform your install. For coax routing, many people route the coax through a door framework or through rear cab window.

Installing on Tool Package

Whenever installing to the toolbox, always utilize an antenna length that clear the roofline. Once again, essentially you'd like 1/2 of antenna over the roof with no less than 1/3 clearing it. If mounting simply one antenna, make an effort to mount it in the driver's part. This will stop the vehicle's cab from blocking indicators originating from other motorists along the road.

Toolboxes are most likely typically the most popular spot to install dual antenna installs, and the Firestik Dual Kit is ideal if you want to go that path. Just make sure you read our article on twin CB antenna installs first.

Stakehole Mounts

If you intend to mount behind the taxi but don't have a toolbox - or do not want to drill engrossed - installing with the stakehole is an excellent option. Stakeholes will be the square open positions along a truck's bedrails, and we also provide unique antenna supports that match those places - no drilling required.

A fiberglass antenna will be your most suitable choice for a stakehole mounting place. Again, ensure that you choose a length that gets at the very least 1/3 of antenna over the roofline and install on driver's part if possible for best reception from other vehicles.

You can expect various different stakehole choices, including this stakehole CB mount system which hang-over stakehole mount.

Hood Mounts

Installing your antenna along the bonnet station can be favored by pickup owners, and is occasionally the actual only real option if a truck, camper or 5th wheel tends to make other available choices impossible. If you should be going for a lot more of a factory put in seemed, mounting across the bonnet station most likely supplies the cleanest look of all choices talked about.

Although we do offer a universal hood mount that fit numerous cars, we would suggest making use of our automobile wizard to see if there's a bonnet mount made especially for your make and model truck. We carry bonnet mounts that are designed to fit perfectly in several Ford, Chevy / GMC, Dodge and Toyota trucks.

Fiberglass antennas are usually your best option for bonnet mount installs. Once more, remember to choose a size where at least 1/3 associated with antenna clears the roofline for appropriate overall performance.

Installing towards Bumper (Not perfect)

The bumper is commonly a pretty poor destination to mount a CB antenna on a pickup. The Reason Why? As it's therefore low from the automobile, it makes it very difficult to get the antenna sufficient to give you sufficient overall performance. In addition, most of the antenna is obstructed by the truck's cab - which prevents the antenna from delivering or getting signals to automobiles at the truck if mounting from the rear bumper.

The actual only real time we would recommend mounting towards the bumper is when you're making use of a 102" whip CB antenna. These beasts (talked about additional below) are high adequate to clear the taxi whenever attached to the bumper and certainly will be mounted truth be told there while still offering appropriate performance.

Double Antenna Installations

It really is hard to deny the benefit of dual antennas on a pickup. In addition to the prospective overall performance increases they offer (if set up correctly), they simply look downright impressive.

Twin antennas will decrease lifeless places due to trailers, fifth tires or whatever else becoming hauled might block the sign of simply a single antenna. They even boost the CB's range toward vacation and right behind - but limit it off to the right and left.

But they're never your best option for a pickup. For example, a 5' magnet mount roof antenna will more than likely outperform a twin antenna install mounted reduced, particularly if the double antennas tend to be faster.

There's lots of variables to take into account with dual antennas, so to avoid this short article's size from developing longer than a 102" whip antenna, we decided to tackle all of them in an independent article on dual CB antenna you'll read here.

Antenna Guidelines

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