Line up the shark fin cover to

Shark Fin antenna Installation

The only time when car manufacturers all over the globe are this unified & standardized will be deliver us the generic black colored ugly 'twisty' OE antenna. Joy.

Having a unique antenna lets you get a hold of your car or truck from a sea of cars with general antennas easier. Might value this in huge parking lots.

Ecological Benefits: altering to those low-profile, aerodynamic antennas will in theory assist in decreasing drag coefficient, which translates to improved mileage.

Changing an individual's OE antenna has become the simplest mod you can do in order to his/her ride however with extremely apparent visual improvement. You have 2 primary alternatives:

  1. Straight-Up design: this is certainly a direct screw-in style that threads into the factory's M5/6/7 feminine threaded base. Your trip are dressed up exactly like that. Unlike those low-quality, reception-compromised antennas offered elsewhere, our antennas are made in Germany (Folia Tec) & Italy (Simoni rushing). They are machined & polished professionally, you are not likely to get flaws & machined markings like on inferior models.
  2. Shark Fin style: it's usually obtainable in a pre-painted and hollow layer that addresses over your factory antenna base, it makes use of a coiled wire in order to connect into base for sign conduction. In some cases, this can also protect GPS / satellite radio antennas also. This design is perfect if you use roof rack & transportation surfboards or these types of long equipment. You no longer need to unscrew the factory one.
NOTE: If your preferred stations' signal is strong which you mainly make use of your radio inside town in any manner, you will not notice any difference if you use these lower-profile antennas. If your existing reception has already been limited and therefore you mostly make use of your radio in suburbs, you have to be aware that smaller the antenna; weaker the reception. That is just simple electromagnetic physics & there is no means around it. You can always think about including an in-line amp although such unit amplifies both good and bad indicators. VG Shark Fin Antenna has the integrated fractal antenna that screws directly to your antenna base & provides typical reception for AM & radio. It suits overtop associated with the whole antenna base & is easily put in onto your car via a 3M custom adhesive gasket. We will additionally color match the Shark Fin on colour of your car or truck before shipping to you. A fractal antenna is done utilizing fractal geometry (repetition of a straightforward shape to make a repeating design) and contains reception that rivals antenna styles 50per cent ~ 150per cent bigger in dimensions. Making use of a coiled cable, the fractal antenna is connected to the stock antenna base with a screw. The employment of a coiled cord gets rid of the excess cord that will usually be in the way of set up, allowing you simpler positioning. A custom die-cut 3M double-sided adhesive gasket was created to secure the VG Shark Fin Antenna positioned, overtop associated with antenna base. This 3M glue is used because of its bonding power toward automobile and its nature of being detachable without harming the paint. Also it has actually good weatherability and is insensitive to contamination. The VG Shark Fin Antenna is constructed of sturdy and high quality abdominal muscles synthetic by injection molding process. Each VG Shark Fin Antenna is coated and obvious covered to color match the OEM shade rule of car. We now have reputable human body shops working with us and you can be assured that you might be getting a top quality paint job! Shark Fin antenna is much more aerodynamic & can in fact boost fuel economic climate. Shark Fin in addition minimizes disturbance along with your roof rack & its equipment. The micro-sized XM/Sirius antenna will fit inside this antenna, too. The overall guide is the fact that when it is smaller than 2"L x 1.5"W x 0.75"H then it will fit. For detail by detail Installation & FAQs facts about this range, kindly e-mail united states. VG Shark Fin stands 2.5" above your roofline. Dimensions are approx. 7" x 4.25" x 2.5".
▼ NOTE: VG Shark Fin antenna takes 2 ~ 3 months for delivery. It's a model-specific, not universal item. You must email united states your car or truck MAKE, MODEL, DESIGN, YEAR, PAINT NAME & PAINT CODE to be sure of compatibility just before ordering. All Mazda, VW & Toyota that have the rear-roof mount antenna are appropriate, and also numerous models of Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Scion, Subaru, Suziki, Volvo.
(#VGFA) VG Shark Fin Antenna MKI - Model-specific, paint-match

▼ NOTE: Order the latest MKII model as an alternative should your antenna base is large & fat just like the above instances. MKII approx. measurements: 7" x 3.75" x 2.5".
VG Shark Fin Antenna MKII - Model-specific, paint-match
Static Electricity Discharge Antennas:
These antennas have incorporated discharge circuitry that disperse fixed electricity from your car in to the environment. As a result, being sparked from touching your automobile is minimized. Needless to say as you are able to only purchase them with regards to their appearances also.
  • SGEY50 - A European quick stub design that discharges fixed electricity and gives this carbon resin appearance. Flexible angulation from 0~50°. Removable mast for vehicle clean, roof rack usage. Actions 218H x 47W x 60D mm.
  • SGEY57 - A mini stub design that discharges fixed electricity and gives this carbon resin appearance. Flexible angulation from 0~30°. Detachable mast for car clean, roof rack use. Actions 110H x 40W x 75D mm.
  • SGEY59 - A shark fin design that discharges static electrical energy and gives this carbon resin look. Measures 52H x 50W x 153D mm.
▼ NOTE: Simoni Racing antenna takes 3-4 weeks for distribution.
(#SRANT) Simoni Rushing Antenna - Universal, fr. Italy
▼ NOTE: Folia Tec antenna takes 1-2 months for distribution, many designs have already been stopped.
(#FTANT) Folia Tec FACT-Antenna - Universal, fr. Germany

▼ NOTE: Autoloc takes 1-2 weeks for distribution.

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Polo-Shark Fin antenna Reception
Polo-Shark Fin antenna Reception
2005-2010 Malubu, G6 or Aura Shark Fin Antenna Mast
2005-2010 Malubu, G6 or Aura Shark Fin Antenna Mast ...
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