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Attic TV antenna Reviews

Mohu Sky 60 on apex of our roofMounting it within the loft is hard within our house considering our vaulted ceilings. It’s difficult to achieve an excellent devote the loft to hang the antenna, then to get the cable down seriously to the television. In addition, you drop a number of the sign every wall surface it passes through.

I desired the maximum signal strength, so another mount as high as i possibly could get felt best.


I didn’t think the risk/reward ratio preferred my scaling the steep roofing to set up it, therefore I hired help. Even installer had qualms about clambering up indeed there.

(Click to expand)The Sky 60 comes with a filtered amp (powered by either USB or wall wart), mounting bracket, a brief mast, and a 30′ RG59 cable.

RG59 is the less heavy, more versatile sort. RG6 is the thick, heavy-duty one that the cable organization uses. The installer had been very down on RG59, also wondering when it is nonetheless made. Yes, it's. And it also does quite well for indoor use and quick works. But I agreed with him that RG6 ended up being the best choice for an outdoor set up.

I became in a position to conserve him time, and therefore me personally cash by reusing the current cable to our den, which I had tracked into the cable box a week before. (when i performed that, I hooked up the Sky 60 outside and hung it on a couple of nails at my highest reach for a couple of days to use it out, with great outcomes.)

Tulsa-area television transmitter locationsOnce he got the mast in position, I did a will likely Rogers and hurled a coil of this RG59 cable up there like a lasso. To my total astonishment, we scored a ringer regarding very first try.

He gently connected the antenna on mast, and I connected within the cable briefly and so I could get indoors and check sign energy on all of the stations with various antenna orientations.

To finish up, he tightened up down the screws on the antenna, connected RG6 cable, and made use of a tall ladder to fasten it down the region of the household. He then grounded the antenna properly.

Indoors, I had already linked the TiVo tuner to the present cable wall surface outlet. The Sky 60’s USB cord connects to 1 of TiVo’s two USB harbors. (I use the other anyone to power somewhat LED time clock, needed seriously to show united states the time with the cable box gone.)

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