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Best digital TV Indoor antenna

Published by: Kona10 from on simple but gets the networks. Do not also have buying even more the costly one.

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great buy

Published by: geek87 from with this is a very great antenna, it's very clear, I would positively suggest.


Published by: Moonbek from on i do believe its great item for right cost. Providing it really works.

Ideal for principles plus

Published by: Pippi from onto it's great have more stations than I was thinking I would all things are perfect about this

Cheap high quality antenna

Posted by: ccampbell619 from on I bought this antenna the day before Superbowl to broadcast to my Vizio 1080p tv and it also works good w/o any dilemmas. I recommend this affordable, user friendly antenna!

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Posted by: Bobby from on Great image! We can get many free networks.

Helps purpose

Published by: Hilltoper from Seattle, WA on i needed an antenna for a television which is used mainly for seeing development in a house office. There was clearly you don't need to be installed for cable when a cheap strategy had been readily available. This came across that want.

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Exemplary item

Published by: Proshan from on I tried three other indoor antennas before this: Mohu 50, RCA ANT (Both purchased in most readily useful buy) and another viewtv level from amazon. The only person good ended up being mohu but it cost around $75 although some channels had laggy videos. However offered this 1 an attempt. I am surprised using outcomes. Mohu ($75) while put on window pulled 27 networks and this($13) pulled 28 station sitting appropriate in television no choppy video clips. I strongly recommend this system.

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Antenna is effective!

Published by: pollly15 from on To start with I became skeptical. But all my personal favorite showsw on regular stations look great utilizing the antenna. .


Published by: Gloriaa from on Great reception. Image comes in obvious and no dilemmas configuring it.

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Top 10 Digital Tv Antenna
Top 10 Digital Tv Antenna
RCA ANT1020 Indoor Digital TV Compatible Antenna
RCA ANT1020 Indoor Digital TV Compatible Antenna ...
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