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FCC satellite regulations

The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, tv, cable, satellite and cable in every 50 says, the District of Columbia and U.S. regions. An unbiased U.S. government company overseen by Congress, the percentage may be the usa' main expert for communications legislation, regulation and technology. With its work facing financial options and difficulties of quickly evolving advances in international communications, the agency capitalizes on its competencies in:

  • Marketing competition, development and financial investment in broadband services and services
  • Supporting the nation's economy by guaranteeing a suitable competitive framework the unfolding associated with communications revolution
  • Encouraging the highest and greatest utilization of range domestically and internationally
  • Revising media regulations in order that new technologies flourish alongside diversity and localism
  • Providing leadership in strengthening the defense of this country's communications infrastructure


The agency is directed by five commissioners that are appointed by the President associated with US and verified because of the U.S. Senate. The president additionally chooses one of many commissioners to serve as president. Only three commissioners may be of the identical political celebration at any time and none have a financial fascination with any commission-related business. All commissioners, including the president, have actually five-year terms, except when completing an unexpired term.


The payment is arranged into bureaus and offices, based on purpose (see additionally Organizational Charts associated with FCC). Bureau and workplace staff regularly share expertise to cooperatively fulfill responsibilities such:

  • Establishing and implementing regulatory programs
  • Handling programs for permits along with other filings
  • Motivating the introduction of innovative solutions
  • Performing investigations and analyzing complaints
  • Public safety and homeland protection
  • Consumer information and training

Principles and Rulemakings

The FCC's foibles have been in Title 47 of this Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which are posted and maintained by the Government Printing Office. Title 47 Rules & laws can also be found on line in a searchable format.

Most FCC guidelines are used by an ongoing process called "notice and remark" rulemaking. Under that procedure, the FCC gives the general public realize that its considering adopting or changing principles on a certain topic and seeks the general public's remark. The Commission considers the reviews obtained in developing last rules. To learn more, check-out our web summary associated with Rulemaking Process during the FCC.

Advisory Committees

In 1972 Congress passed the Federal Advisory Committee Act to ensure that guidance by consultative committees is unbiased and accessible to people. The Act put in place a procedure for establishing, operating, managing, and terminating these committees that provide important input from consumer groups, industry stakeholders, general public protection officials along with other interested functions.

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