HFSSC spiral microstrip

Outdoor Digital Antennas

  • This Indoor/Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna is specially designed for the latest electronic terrestrial broadcasts. Perfect for new HDTV's instead of or accompanying other HD resources. This antenna allow you to make best use of the integral HD tuner inside TV. It obtains the newest ATSC DTV broadcasts required legally over VHF and UHF bandwidths. The antenna features state-of-the-art reduced sound amplifier technology and circuits to discover the best reception. It comes in a UV resistant and water-proof housing this is certainly both small and trendy. Comes with hardware to attach to either wall space or present poles. Ideal for usage both inside or out-of-doors.

Concern: will most likely this product allow me to turn my monitor into an HDTV?
Response: Not on it's own. This is certainly only an antenna. You will need a tuner to tune into HD Channels..

Concern: I curently have an antenna that I became making use of with my older television''s. Do i must change it with a new HD Antenna?
Answer: No. Antennas haven''t altered, only the tuner that listen in the brand new electronic channels. Some merchant may attempt to imply you will need a fresh antenna to choose your new HDTV, however they are just relabelling the old antennas as HD ready like they use to relabel earphones as electronic ready when CD''s first arrived. Fact is, this new ATSC broadcasts tend to be delivered of the same regularity spectrum as the old NTSC''s VHF and UHF rings.

So, if you already have a reliable antenna, it will consistently offer the new tuner or TV.

Question: will likely this antenna perform a lot better than my present antenna?
Solution: It depends. If you should be presently utilizing an amplified ariel roof-top antenna, probably not. However if you''re making use of passive rabbit ears, there''s a high probability the amp in our antennas might help you capture more signals.

Question: tend to be your antennas omni-directional or directional?
Answer: This antenna is very directional, meaning you'll get much better reception by pointing all of them toward the source of indicators.

Concern: Q: in which could I get more information on tv stations and reception within my area?
Response: A: you can examine antennaweb.org to see what stations transmitted in your area. Our antennas are right for Green and lower places.

Manufacturer Monoprice
Maker Item No. 4730
UPC 08
UHF 470-870 MHz
VHF 47-230 MHz
Gain 20 +/- 3dB
Exterior Ranked Yes
Operating Temperature -20 ° C to 40° C
Antenna (Just) Proportions 4 3/16" W x 7 9/16" H x 1 5/8 D
Base Multi-directional
Coaxial Cable Length 10 base
  • 1x - Antenna device
  • 1x - Base
  • 1x - Wall installing plans (plastic pole & screws)
  • 1x - Pole mounting kit (U type screws & butterfly washers)
  • 1x - Coaxial Cable (10 foot)
Source: www.smarthome.com
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