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The other day, 100, 000 broadcast radio and tv business shapers from 150 countries gathered in Las vegas, nevada for 2015 NAB Show, the world’s largest electronic media program. Perennially, the event happens to be the number of the latest technology surrounding broadcast media and journalism attracting brands including CBS, Apple, HP, Samsung and, of course, Antennas Direct.

More than simply passively going to, we love being part of the tv show and researching the future of tv from some of the best minds in broadcast. Here are a few of your biggest takeaways.

  1. There’s (still) no better journalism than broadcast news.

“Broadcasters tend to be more relevant, essential and trusted than in the past, ” said Gordon Smith, president regarding the NAB who additionally challenged show-goers to imagine a world without no-cost over-the-air tv. “In times during the disaster, while other news may crash and fail, neighborhood tv is there for connecting the community.”


Broadcasters also consistently innovate the way they deliver content on neighborhood., senior vice president of Tribune Media, remarked that his channels are facing greater realities how media is eaten, and they're taking measures to meet up with the need.

“The reality is that folks switch on Twitter before they start their television, ” said Feder. “We are the 2nd screen inside two-screen family. The onus is on us to phone the viewers back. We Want credibility and an approach to give the development greater context and definition.”

  1. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is an admirer of no-cost, broadcast television.

Although it may come as a shock to some in the industry, Tom Wheeler, president associated with Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is a large fan of over-the-air tv. Inside the opening remarks regarding 2nd day of the NAB Show, Wheeler recounted the storyline of installing an internal, level panel digital antenna inside the daughter’s house. He stated she had been floored when she recognized she might get the woman preferred shows in high definition free-of-charge.

“Broadcast is an important part of your life. And over-the-air provides our uniquely diverse communities with a shared knowledge, ” he stated. “With the high price of cable packages, consumers are perusing options. One alternative they have been perusing is broadcast TV. How many households counting on over-the-air solely moved up last year. We additionally see a growing number of people cutting the cable and combining an over-the-air antenna with OTT services.”

  1. The broadcast motivation auction is going on in 2016 (after five years of chatting).
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