Highest Rated HDTV antenna

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Jim Hill published:
Probably a stupid (and frequently-asked) concern, but I'm maybe not an RF
professional therefore right here goes:
I got myself a home this past year with a roof-mounted antenna. We left it in
spot and even though We have satellite service. Given that I taken the HD
leap, I'd like to test the local HDOTA products - but after
taking that dive i truly wouldn't like to spring for an all-new 21st
century gee-wow antenna if one-up on the roof will suffice. Do We
require an innovative new antenna especially made for HDOTA broadcasting?
Jim, ignernt
"Lord, offer myself energy, at least until 12:01 pm EST, 20 Jan 2009."


You can find VHF (chan 2 thru 13) & UHF Antennas (Chan 14 thru 69)

There's also combo Antennas which do both VHF & UHF 'frequencies'...

VHF antennas are huge, UHF antennas smaller, Combos biggest.

Receiving Analog or Digital/HD Chans tends to make no huge difference
to an antenna...

Many Digital/HD networks are on UHF (14 thru 69)...

THese UHF antennas are generally Yagi or 4 Bay Bow Ties..
at $25 a pop from Channel Master or WineGard dealers

HD usually uses RG-6 Antenna cable ... not RG-59... !

Visit site and figure out the Digital Channels in your
area, kilometers to tower, path, & Digital Channel...

& enter your 5 or 9 Dig ZIP Code

Matching a Picture of your Antenna with a UHF it's possible to
identify what exactly is on your own roof... or perhaps Try it...

A good 4 bay bow tie UHF works such as this...

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Channel Master CM2016 HDTV VHF High Band and UHF Antenna
Channel Master CM2016 HDTV VHF High Band and UHF Antenna
HDTV Antenna test - MU vs Chels on Fox Sports
HDTV Antenna test - MU vs Chels on Fox Sports
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