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A: Making use of the television remote, choose “Menu” then “Settings.” Then, select “Channel Setup.” Choose “Antenna” or “Air, ” based on your TV. Make Certain You are not on “Cable.” Choose “Channel Research” or “Channel Scan.” Remember measures to do a channel scan can vary. In the event that wording within television is different from choices shown, reference your TV user manual for help. Tip: operating a channel scan isn't the same as pushing Channel UP/DOWN on the remote.

Q: whenever do I need to run a station scan?

A: To receive maximum development, you have to run a station scan after creating the antenna. To keep your station line-up up-to-date, it really is best if you operate a channel scan monthly and whenever a channel is lost.

Q: just how do i understand where in actuality the sign is strongest?

A: After connecting the coax cable to the “Antenna In” slot from the TV, run a channel scan. Attempt the antenna in numerous places, making certain to perform a channel scan every time you move the antenna. Finding TV sign is similar to mobile protection. Often walking various legs makes a significant difference. The less obstructions as well as the higher the antenna is installed, the better possibility of getting a solid signal.

Q: Where may I use the FlatWave Amped antenna?

A: The FlatWave Amped antenna is flexible and certainly will be applied in metropolitan, urban, and outlying places within 50 miles of this broadcast tower.

Q: in which can I mount the antenna?

A: Hang the antenna on a window or a wall surface, or put it flat on a table. For optimum reception, point the antenna at broadcast tower of stations you want to receive. Remember that digital signal may bounce off of things. Run a channel scan every time you reposition the antenna, and install the antenna wherever you obtain the best signal.

Q: Is there everywhere the antenna should not be installed?

A: The antenna is perfect for interior use only. It isn't supposed to be mounted permanently outdoors. The antenna isn't weather resistant and really should never be put in outside in rainfall, snowfall, excessive wind, etc.

Q: Does the FlatWave antenna make use of any television?

A: The FlatWave antenna works with any television or device which has an ATSC tuner. Devices that have integral ATSC tuners consist of TVs, laptops, PCs, some satellite receivers, and digital recording devices (DVRs).

Suggestion: Any television made after March 1, 2007 is needed by U.S. federal government to own an ATSC tuner. Should your television selection has actually an option for scanning for digital stations, after that your tv has actually an ATSC tuner.

Q: What stations can the antenna get?

A: The antenna may obtain all available neighborhood development. The antenna can receive programming from the significant regional broadcast communities (e.g. ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS) plus additional networks (Qubo, ION, The CW, This television, MyNetworkTV, Azteca, Telefutura, Univision, and Telemundo). The antenna may get regional news, climate, and educational programs that satellite and cable do not offer. Accessibility can vary greatly predicated on area and length through the broadcast tower.

Q: How many channels am I going to receive because of the FlatWave antenna?

A: the amount of stations will be different from area to location. Usually, if you reside in or near a metropolitan location, could receive even more stations than if you live outside a metropolitan area. Take into account that antenna reception can vary considering terrain (including trees, buildings, hills, and mountains). The less obstructions, the greater your chance for getting powerful digital signals.

Q: Do i have to buy development?

A: No—local development got through an over-the-air antenna is no-cost!

Q: What is the difference between the FL5500A, FL5500F and FL5500Y?

A: The FL5500A, FL5500F and FL5500Y would be the identical antenna. The only difference is the packaging.

Q: Am I Able To connect the FlatWave Amped antenna to numerous televisions?

A: Indeed. The FlatWave Amped antenna can connect with several tvs. Extra parts (perhaps not included) may be required to connect to numerous tvs.

Q: exactly what components come with the FlatWave Amped antenna?

A: The antenna includes an affixed 18.5′ mini coax cable with USB power. Furthermore, the antenna includes a 3′ USB cable and 110V wall surface adapter.

Q: Exactly what are the measurements associated with the FlatWave Amped antenna?

A: The element is 12″ (height) x 13″ (width) and it is only ~.02″ thick. The housing is .6″ dense.

Q: What color may be the FlatWave Amped antenna?

A: The antenna is black colored on one part and white on the reverse side.

Q: How do I set up the FlatWave Amped antenna?

A: 1) position the antenna inside desired place. 2) link the coax cable from the FlatWave Amped antenna into the “Antenna In” coax interface on your own television. Plug the mini USB into the “USB PWR” interface for the amplifier. Then, plug the normal USB in to the USB interface of the TV or for the 110V adapter. If plugging the USB in to the 110V adapter, after that plug the 110V adapter into a 110V socket. 3) Run a channel scan.

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