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Outdoor TV Antenna Installation

Network shows you will get with an antenna typical concerns for current cable or satellite readers:
  • Increasing development expenses
  • Costs for neighborhood system broadcasts
  • Charges for DVR
  • Fees for set-top bins
  • Dropping channels as a result of blackouts

The notion of cancelling your television solution may be frightening.
Don't worry, we are going to assistance with that.

Exactly what do you get with a television Antenna?

Here's a sample:

Over 80per cent of everything you view on television originates from COMPLIMENTARY broadcast transmissions.
Your favorite sites:

You are not likely to miss out the Super Bowl. Or the Oscars. Or the local development.
With a television Antenna, you can get the best of real time television - free of charge.

We offer complete solution set up and repair of Towers, Tripod's and Personalized Installs

communities you will get with an antennaThere are various kinds of Towers and Tripods available. The images below are a few of the most common installations for a Tripod, Tower or Gable Mount. For a whole directory of what we carry, check our online store or stay in when!


Set your normal timers. Pause real time television. Miss right back. Skip forward.
You don't have to give up the DVR once you stop trying Pay-TV.

  • Society's slimmest DVR
  • Ultra-low power usage
  • No heat output; runs very cool
  • No lover; works totally quiet
  • Dual Tuners; Record one show while you're watching another
  • Use of using the internet streaming applications

Antenna DVR/ DVR+Additional Benefits:

  • Much like the experience of the cable or satellite DVR - no discovering bend
  • Life time price of the channel guide is made into the price - no subscription
  • Purchase your DVR and bought it outright - no equipment rental charges
  • Your recordings take your hard drive - no "cloud" accessibility needed
  • Plugs straight into your HDTV and utilizes a standard radio control - no "app" needed

Typical TV Outside Antenna
Free Broadcast Programming NO YES
Subscription-Free DVR NOYES

No Contract NO YES
Highest Quality HD NO YES
No Channel Blackouts NO YES
No Equipment Leasing Fees NO indeed
Access to Movie Streaming Services NO YES
Normal Month-to-month Cost $75-120 $0

You will not believe the amount of money might save yourself!!

Link the DVR+ into the Web for much more

You don’t need certainly to connect the DVR+ into the online to obtain your antenna programming or enjoy every one of the DVR features. Nevertheless when you will do link, right here’s just what you’ll be adding:

14-Day System Guide

Streaming Solutions

Automatic Software Updates

Pro station guide with community logos that extends programming information for approximately fourteen days.

Presently, VUDU, YouTube and Pandora can be found from the DVR+ and there are many more to come.

We are always including more features and services into the DVR+. You'll receive instant revisions assuring your DVR always has got the newest readily available perks.

Source: www.teamelectronix.com
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