LNA-100 Boost Indoor Digital

HDTV Antenna amplifier

  • Note 1: the amount of channels you got in your town is determined by what is being transmitted in your town. Channel reception will vary according to how long away you will be from broadcast towers, plus environment (i.e. obstructions between both you and the towers).
  • Note 2: The amplifier/booster can enhance the signals weakened by the obstructions between both you and the towers, but could perhaps not include signals.
  • Note 3: Before buying this amplifier/booster, discover what stations can be found in your neighborhood: and how numerous stations you have got. If for example the television photo just isn't crystal-clear, you can also not have the weak indicators from far away towers, you should use this amplifier to boost the damaged indicators.
  • Note 4: We never recommend to utilize this amplifier/booster should your residence is quite close to the broadcast tower in addition to signal is very strong. A booster can cause self-oscillate and you will get less indicators than without.
  • We DO offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case there is this booster doesn't help.

Specialized information:
Frequency range:47-862MHz
Gain: 20dB
Production degree: 100dBuV
Sound figure: less than 4dB

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Lava Hd-2805 Outdoor/indoor Rotating Uhf/vhf Hdtv Antenna
Lava Hd-2805 Outdoor/indoor Rotating Uhf/vhf Hdtv Antenna ...
TRRS #0517 - HDTV Antenna, Erection
TRRS #0517 - HDTV Antenna, Erection
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