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Antenna Installation prices

Broadcast Gear Checklist

This part provides gear guidelines for a total local-production able public radio station with interconnection to your Public broadcast Satellite System. Individuals must also refer to the menu of Eligible and Ineligible gear.

Pricing is given for after power amounts of :

  • Rates for Class the transmission system
  • Rates for Class B and Class B1 transmission system
  • Prices for many Class C transmission system
  • Rates for Digital IBOC Transmission Equipment
  • Rates for Class the transmission system
    This method is founded on the FCC docket 80-90 for a maximum ERP of 3 KW, HAAT becoming 328' or 100 meters maximum. The priced system includes a 3.5 KW transmitter, 350' tower and 350' of 1-5/8" Heliax transmission range, and a 2-bay circularly polarized antenna with a 5 KW maximum feedback energy.
  • Prices for Class B and Class B1 transmission system
    This technique is dependent on the FCC docket 80-90 for a maximum ERP of 50 KW, HAAT being 492' or 150 yards optimum. The listed system includes a 25 KW transmitter, 500' tower and 500' of 3" Heliax transmission line, and a 4-bay circularly polarized antenna.
  • Prices for several course C transmission system
    This system is dependent on the FCC docket 80-90 for a maximum ERP of 100 KW, HAAT becoming the minimum for Class C of 984' or 300 yards. The listed system includes a 25 KW transmitter, 1, 050' tower and 1, 100' of 3" Heliax transmission line, and an 8-bay circularly polarized antenna.
  • IBOC (HD) Radio. The equipment listing includes the expense of transmission equipment required for advanced and low-level mixing. Channels making use of low level combining (energy levels 7 KW and below–and possibly greater in the foreseeable future) must ensure that their particular present analog transmitter can perform the linearity necessary to pass the digital sidebands while keeping the certified analog ERP. There are other technical methods that could be considered for digital radio execution later on such as for instance double input antennas when authorized. The final gear selection ought to be dependant on a thorough analysis associated with the acknowledged methods of transformation.
Digital-upgradable transmitters. NTIA anticipates financing digital-upgradable transmitters to replace analog transmitters, if requested by people and warranted as urgent replacement. Recipients may include HD broadcast (IBOC) exciters to PTFP-funded digital-upgradable transmitters or usage grant funds awarded for an analog or digital-upgradable radio transmitter to the purchase of a transmitter with an IBOC exciter. Any extra price of obtaining such an exciter or transmitter could be the responsibility of grantee.

  • Rates is also given for:

  • The listings that follow feature quantity and costs to produce standard manufacturing and transmission power to the typical general public radio place. NTIA provides these lists for the general assistance regarding volume and rates of broadcast gear typically sustained by this program. Applicants do not have to purchase every little thing listed.

    Prices will not mirror the immediate following:

    • Tower room. When current tower space is available, reasonable charges for a stress study and for strengthening the tower are eligible for PTFP assistance. We have maybe not offered predicted costs for these services since they differ so considerably.
    • Land, building, energy set up to transmitter building meter panel production, generators, air-conditioning, renovation, also services expenses which can be ineligible under the PTFP.
    • Workplace and studio furniture (except for audio system cupboards), company devices, or any other comparable ineligible expenses in PTFP.
    • Academic discounts from sellers and makers. All prices is founded on standard capacity and it is shown at retail number price. (An educational discount with a minimum of 10per cent to 15percent can be expected.)

    Please supply information in display C about your place's unique needs if for example the demand surpasses the quantities or prices a part of these lists.

    PTFP regards stand-by power generators and uninterruptible power-supply (UPS) devices as essential equipment whenever warranted as talked about right here. PTFP aids only the minimum standard of equipment expected to hold a station's signal regarding the environment. Stand-by power for STLs is financed if their addition is justified in the same way as transmitters. Disaster energy for origination equipment is regarded as along with transmission gear as soon as the applicant demonstrates that such equipment is built-in towards disaster solution it provides. Stand-by generators and UPS devices to produce power to whole services aren't contemplated for PTFP assistance.

    The need for stand-by energy and UPS units should be supported by documenting a number of regarding the following:

    1. the place is a component of a state or local system to which people is called by regional authorities for information during an emergency, particularly an evacuation from a violent storm; or
    2. the section is a relay point when it comes to circulation of disaster information to get to transmitters beyond its regional coverage area; or
    3. the station is the sole way to obtain emergency information with its solution location contrary to a section which one of the many in the region broadcasting the EAS; or
    4. the station has skilled a design of frequent transmitter energy outages combined with delayed repair of energy.
    Source: www.ntia.doc.gov
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