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Best TV antenna

was good about following with myself in the phone (better
than I became about after with him!). He labeled as me personally your day before
our visit because he was into the neighborhood and open to come
by, that was great. But as soon as he got here, he looked at the
electronic adapter package (the isn't HD) and insisted the problem ended up being individual
error because we'd in some way "locked out" all the rest of the stations.
He declined to check out the antenna, although the adapter
package readout regarding the display screen showed only about 25% signal strength.
Finally, after over and over repeatedly insisting the situation was in the development
of this adapter field, he left (without billing myself everything, since he
did not really do such a thing).
Seven days later, our handyman moved up
on the top to trade from splitter. He found that even though splitter was fine, the cable
connector had been broken. Once the connector was changed the got all of the
stations. If had not been therefore stubborn, he'd have checked-out
the antenna, found the problem, and gotten purchased the task.
So - best for follow-up are negated by harmful to closed-mindedness.

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