Attic antennas

Best TV antenna for attic

  • Home Brew 17m - 40m Loop
  • Big VHF - UHF television Antenna
  • MFJ 5/8 Wave 2m Vertical

Attic antennas could work much better than you might think, some of my own work as really as his or her outside alternatives (no i am maybe not contrasting to a 150ft tower & big yagis). The RF losses are fairly lower in wood & most roofing at HF & VHF, nearly all of issue originates from communication with electrical wiring and ductwork. This creates deformation of patterns and often large swr.

Another issue should keep your power at reasonable levels, RF contact with your household and even fire tend to be factors. I would suggest no more than 100 watts on HF and 50 at VHF & UHF. Be mindful to protect your wires specially in the ends for fire security.


A great tuner will look into "impossible" relationship problems on HF antennas, in addition they're going to offer multi-band operation on some installments. Though lossy, a tuner could make the essential difference between appropriate operation or frustration.


If you should be lucky enough to have a sizable loft make use of this and formulate a considerable radial system, this really is one location that can be done better than another installation in addition the better the radial system the less RF in your house. When you yourself have a small attic do the most readily useful you are able to, you shouldn't be afraid to bend to suit. Nearly every size line is going to work since technical strength is not considered. Reduce your radials toward 1/4 wave size for your band(s). Radiator(s): On VHF & UHF full size and radiators with gain should be no problem, but on HF typically shortened or filled radiators tend to be your sole option. Utilize the longest radiator you will get away thereupon are at the very least various ins from the roof. It's OK to fold extraordinary is you must. If you can, add some tubing at the top to make it into a T for most useful structure. Reduced 11m for 10m or Hamsticks for any other bands work nicely. Also a few radiators could be set up on a single mount for multi-band operation with matching radials, but this doesn't always work due to relationship between the groups. Coax: Use a beneficial quality coax cable to cut back RF & interacting with each other issues.


There are a great number of dipoles in attics around, the major restricting element here is the size of your attic. If you'd like even more space consider zig zaging your line, just keep your turns at 90 levels or more. Also commercial multiband or reduced dipoles work nicely. Once again run your dipole as far away from steel as you are able to. Do not have your rig right below your antenna to lessen any potential RF issues. Feed range: somewhat treatment is needed here, be cautious of operating parallel to electric lines or ductwork if using balanced lines. Use the most readily useful coax or twin lead you are able to however if you need to use 300 TV lead with some reduction for simple routing.


On VHF a ray antenna can work really inside attic, even a rotator can be utilized. Again steer clear of metal and cables to maintain your pattern. On HF line beams could be run-on the roofing aids or the rafters, these are beneficial to one way just but can be switched electrically for various coverage.

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