UHF digital TV antenna

Published by: wwgraves from St Paul, KS, usa about this had been the next antenna I experienced attempted. Went from 2 limited channels to 8 today. Worth the income.

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The Clear Flow C5 is Strong and Solid.

Published by: Televisor from Maricopa, AZ, US from the C5 is a powerful and Sturdy Antenna and can supply Reliable Reception and last a considerable amount of time Outside. The C5 Is Designed for Reception associated with VHF High Band television Channels 7 thru 13 once the Signal skills are Weak and intense. From Band Reception. The C5 will also do a Job of getting the UHF Tv Band Channels of 14 thru 51 if the Signal skills are Strong. In addition to C5 may also Receive the VHF minimal Band television Channels 2 thru 6 once the Signal skills are Strong.

Pulled in the signal for me

Posted by: sandiegoscott from Mount nice, SC, US on we live no more than 12 kilometers from transmitting antenna for channel 7, although antenna should be in my loft, that will be lined with steel as a "radiant barrier", plus I have a TiVo Premiere, that has a notoriously bad tuner and has now difficulty picking up relatively strong signals. Rabbit ears produced most dropouts associated with electronic signal, however with this antenna there are no dropouts anyway as well as the sign meter regarding the TiVo is within the green on a regular basis.

Great Antenna, recommended for Fox television in Pensacola, FL

Published by: Gerald from Pensacola, FL, US on I just needed the antenna getting FOX television. Signal comes in powerful and I reside about 31.5 kilometers out of the transmitter.

Great antenna.

Posted by: Miro from Penitas, Texas, US on This antenna was quite simple to install. I am in a position to obtain as much as 29 networks with much better and clearer images than cable which charges additional for HD reception.

Neat Antenna.

Posted by: Wendell from Clay Center, NE on I had two directional mast antennas, one WNW for channel 11 (41 mi 278º) and 13 (46 mi 284º) plus one ENE for channels 8 (46 mi 54º) and 10 (49 mi 64º). UHF Channel 29 (19 mi 350º) has been good. We had bad reception and weak indicators for station 11 and 13. Live talk to Antennas Direct suggested the Clearstream 5 - to improve reception for 11 and 13. It couldn't improve reception for 11 and 13, but We reversed the prevailing mast antenna from ENE to WNW and directed the Clearstream 5 to NE, all alert skills are now actually satisfactory.

Great product.

Posted by: acusurf from Ventura, CA, United States on I experienced an XG-91 and bought a Clearstream 5 to praise it and from now on I recieve all of that you could ask for, and more, through the two services and products. The setup had been simple and went up without a glitch. The client service was great in answering some small tech details with regards to set up besides. The antenna delivers overall performance superior to anticipated given my distance from sign ended up being near it's optimum quoted range.

Effective antenna

Published by: CoryE from Paducah, KY, United States on super easy to set up. Picks up much more alert than was claimed regarding the package...great plus!

Antennas Direct is the greatest!

Posted by: GeneSr from Cumming, GA, US on I bought my ClearStream 5 (many months ago) because my ClearStream 2V had been having troubles picking right up some stations. We live over 36 miles through the programs it absolutely was having difficulties with. As soon as we setup the ClearStream 5 the channels I became having problems with came in-clearer then they did with I experienced one of those satellite companies...

Well developed but

Published by: Tarnish67 from Mid maine on once we initially got this antenna set-up it was great in the forests of Maine. But a rainstorm came through now irrespective of where we aim it we just get 1 channel! I don't believe one channel warrants the purchase price or perhaps the time in string it

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Andy G0SFJ shows how to build VHF/UHF Arrow antenna
Andy G0SFJ shows how to build VHF/UHF "Arrow" antenna
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HOW TO -- Make a Gray Hoverman UHF antenna DIY
150 Miles VHF UHF FM HDTV Amplified TV Antenna w/ Remote
150 Miles VHF UHF FM HDTV Amplified TV Antenna w/ Remote ...
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