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Will a preamplifier help or do I need a new TV antenna?

I have a Winegard PR-8080 mounted in my own attic. I'm getting off-air HD stations on a DirecTV HR20-100 satellite receiver. I also have the signal split to a HD TV tuner in my home movie theater Computer. We have about a 20' run of RG-6 from the antenna into the splitter in addition to DTV and Computer tend to be within 4' of every various other.

Presently I get a lock on station 43.1 (WFXB) with an 80-90% signal and channel 23.1(WHMC) with a 45-50% sign. Stations 13.1(WBTW) and 15.1(WPDE) I get a small lock easily usually do not divide the sign. But still get frequent pixelization and sound disruption. Will a pre-amp help this or do I need to try to find another type of antenna?

My place information is ____________ Dr.
Myrtle Seashore, SC 29588

Thanks for you help. Your site offers the best information i've found on the net.


The stations you pointed out have sensibly powerful signal at your location. Since getting rid of the splitter does improve reception. Eliminating the sign splitter is a good test to find out if a sign amplifier can help. If the signals improve once the splitter is taken away is a sure indication an indication amp becomes necessary. I'd undoubtedly believe a preamplifier is in order. Your best option could be the Winegard AP 8700 mast mounted antenna preamplifier. If you haven't already ensure the leading regarding the antenna is dealing with NNW.

If you would like detail by detail detail by detail here is how to put in a preamplifier or if perhaps I'm able to direct you towards anyhow, do not think twice to get in touch with me.

Best Regards,
Denny Duplessis


I have a concern for your needs and I also hope that you could help me on. I have an old radio shack tv antenna(UHF/VHF boom kind). I took provided down an address that I prefer to call home at. Here's in which I am at.

To begin with, I am about 45 miles from Cleveland, OH and I also need the CLE stations via my antenna. Yesterday, I set the antenna from the back deck to see if it even however worked. I acquired zero VHF programs. Which didn't amaze myself cause the networks that I was taking a look at was 2, and 10. I did not believe that i might get those stations. Anyways, I happened to be getting the FOX (channel 31). It absolutely was to arrive about 50% back at my Directv box. I had not a problem thereupon cause my antenna was one 7 foot approximately off the floor.

These days i desired to place that television antenna on the roof. I did. I have about 100 foot of cable, with one coupler about 5 feet from antenna. Lengthy tale short, i'm obtaining channel 2 which is it. Yesterday I became benefiting from signal from over one half the stations.
Now do we in need of a pre-amp? If so, just what brand name and model do I need to get? Or must I get once little bit of cable to perform the whole size? I came across it hard to trust that yesterday I became getting 50percent for my FOX(31) and today today nothing.
Exactly what could be your first relocate to correct this? Thanks a lot ahead of time for you personally assist.
Jon ___________
______________ Ave.
Newton Falls, OH 44444

Hello Jon,

A preamplifier will surely help do to the signal loss developed by the 100 legs of coax cable. Minimal VHF indicators loose notably less power as they travel the coax cable this is exactly why station 2 is originating in utilizing the television antenna on the roof. However, UHF television signals drop fast as they travel the cable therefore the UHF signals tend being lost before they can ever get to the TV.

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