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Vision V20-1127 amplifier

What exactly is best interior aerial or outside aerial for residence or caravan? Best Loft Aerial?

Aerials made for interior use are usually bad performers because they are small and possess few "elements". Size things - don't allow anyone let you know so it doesn't! Most "indoor aerials" don't have a lot of or no gain but producers you will need to hide this particular fact by integrating a "high-gain booster" then offering that aerial has, state, "a twenty dB gain" whenever indeed this has nothing regarding the type.

The booster receives the signal above the threshold associated with the digital tuner but it's an extremely loud signal which (if it gets a picture at all) probably will suffer from "dropout" and "freezing".

This kind of aerial with unsupported reflector stubs is advantageous just as a loft aerial. It is effortlessly curved by birds and wind, therefore I cannot recommend it for outdoor use unless its a kind that includes a stronger supporting framework or a mesh design.

Remember that that one is quite brief therefore, despite possible claims towards the contrary, it's an extremely reasonable gain and is of good use only in a stronger signal location. Length is essential.

So what's incorrect with a lengthy, durable Tri-boom aerial similar to this?

We familiar with stock an equivalent one together with dilemmas we found were:-

1. It provides a very huge wind-load area from both edges and rear.

2. The synthetic might go brittle in sunlight.

3. It performed no a lot better than our log-periodics and value more.

4. It really is a "wideband" aerial but with reasonable gain in the bottom of UHF band. As a result, it's not going to succeed with "Group A" transmitters and has now the possibility to get 4G phone mast disturbance.

With address removed

What exactly's incorrect with a caravan aerial such as this?

1. It offers couple of elements. Size matters therefore it wont contend with an aerial having more elements in the event that sign is reasonable.

2. It executes no better than a comparable log-periodic aerial and prices even more.

But some people believe an aerodynamic plastic layer seems good. If you like seems over performance, do it now!

So that the BEST aerial we have found for the majority of installations is

The Log-Periodic, which seems like this.

Oh, but that looks ugly! I can not have that inside!

And that means you'd favor a pretty aerial that doesn't actually work?

No, i want it to exert effort and become small and pretty.

See above. That is the most readily useful compromise you'll receive. Hide it or disguise it.

  • You are able to stick it over a cupboard, or...
  • It is possible to mount it on a hat stand, and...
  • You can easily decorate it to fit your accessories.
  • You can make use of it as a hanger for connections, gloves, socks, etc.
  • It is possible to glue pretty synthetic beads regarding sticky-out bits.
  • You can easily hang synthetic coating hangers on it.

Be inventive!

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I'm one-man shop and work at home in Crewe doing electrical wiring and repairing electric gear - mostly television units. I take advantage of a large garden shed as my workshop and a 12 base pole aids my minidish and television aerial. Until not long ago I ended up being using a Unix 52 aerial to give me personally an indication for testing TVs and Freeview receivers. Because we are in the middle of tall structures the sign is terrible and analogue images were packed with "ghosts" brought on by the reflections. We included a masthead amp but that don't assist and I was convinced that the aerial system had been as good as i really could achieve.

Then I learn about your eyesight "Focus" V10-040 log-periodic aerial and, although I became sceptical, chose to give it a try. The results are nothing lacking amazing! Analogue pictures are now actually crystal clear and Freeview photographs no further endure intermittent pixelation.

We connect a couple of pictures to exhibit you my arranged. Thanks!

Terry Boyd, Tardis Electronics, Crewe.

Thanks, Terry. We could today offer even better aerials!

The Vision "Focus" V10-040 log-periodic in place.

It has no reflector and is perhaps not quickly harmed by birds or wind.

Please note the V10-040 is outdated and contains already been replaced by the V10-28L and V10-36L versions.

The Unix 52 - directed to the scrap heap!

This Vision "Focus" V10-040 log-periodic aerial of them costing only £15.75 is mostly about 1.3 metres very long and 0.3m wide but takes up very little vertical space since it doesn't have reflector display screen. It's extremely resistant* to "impulse noise" from roadway cars and home wiring, rendering it well suited for installing in your loft or room or on top of your wardrobe.

If you're sick of "pops", "cracks" and "picture freeze" brought on by impulse noise, this aerial could be your answer. It is the most readily useful "loft aerial" we have found - even though it was not designed as a "loft aerial"!

It is among those well-kept "trade secrets" which only professionals understand. Nevertheless now you do, too!

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