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UHF Aerial connection

The modest Belling-Lee UHF connect is popular in European countries as a television and FM connector, popularly known as a TV aerial plug. The most suitable approach to wiring isn't obvious, in accordance with electronic terrestrial televison needs are now being made of this connector that were never envisaged because of the Enfield Belling Lee company in 1922.

Undoubtedly I wired many of them as students enthusiastic about electronics as well as on through the time while I happened to be a broadcast engineer. The imperfections for the methods I experienced demonstrated an ability are not outstanding issue for domestic analogue television solution. Confusion appears to be rife - in examining a few resort kind SMATV headends there have been many other methods of wiring this connector, plus some of these offered even more difficulty than the others. We also observed some brave attempts to solder not only the pin nevertheless the human anatomy associated with connect. Considering that is usually made from aluminum, soldering it is really not a straightforward move to make...

DTT needs the correct way, and I also had been set right by Tim Jenks associated with the CAI when I attended the CAI SMATV design training course. So right here its - my explanation associated with definitive CAI accepted method of wiring a Belling-Lee UHF connect to recommended WF100 (or CT100) 75ohm aerial cable.

You'll need:

  • razor-sharp Stanley blade
  • medium duty cable blades - to reduce steel line 1mm thick
  • light duty soldering iron of at least 25W not more than 50W
  • little piece of electronics quality solder.

know thine opponent...

The typical incarnation is an aluminium bodied plug, that can easily be dismantled by grasping the knurled parts and unscrewing the two aluminum parts. There are plastic-topped alternatives that have the same innards.

Fig 1 - the four components of the connector

wiring the connect

after you have it apart, very first make the left hand part within the above photo and slip it over the cable, shown in phase 1.

Stage 1: limit onto cable

The following stage is always to skin 3cm of external insulation from the end regarding the cable using Stanley knife, using attention not to ever reduce to the material components inside. The insulation is about 1mm thick.

Stage 2: 3 cm of outer insulation eliminated.

Take notice of the cable has a copper tape which will be overwound with a knitted braid of copper cable. It will be the tape that provide this cable its exceptional shielding properties. If you are nevertheless thinking to your self i will pull off my brown television coax for DTT browse the cable area. Today use the brass or nickel claw device second remaining in fig 1 and very carefully slide this across tape and braid. This might be fiddly, usually concerning turning the claw while you press it straight back. Tape and braid must pass through the hole inside claw.

Phase 3: the claw pressed back

The second phase is press the claw back contrary to the black insulation and brush the braid out so it is fanned over the claw as shown in Stage 4

Stage 4: the braid fanned over the claw

Today peel the tape back from end associated with cable to the claw - you should just be capable rip it back. Should seem like this -

Stage 5: tape removed

Today cut all but about 3mm associated with white foam insulation (clear-ish honeycomb polythene if making use of CT100) back again to expose the inner conductor. Be careful not to ever nick the inner conductor, as otherwise this is where it's going to snap off after annually roughly of cable action...

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