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Aerial Installations

This programme works for individuals with no knowledge who would like to go into the industry and for those who have knowledge but want to know more about the theoretical and useful of terrestrial signal reception and set up.

This programme addresses all aspects of television delivered via an aerial into a coaxial community around one dwelling residential property.

Within the 2 days this programme presents all the criteria essential to deliver terrestrial television development to TV receiving gear in the home.

- Health & protection concerning the employment of ladders.
- Aerial design & option through study tests.
- Brackets, fixings & setting up a chimney lashing system.
- Cables, certification & correct suitable of connections.
- Aerial positioning & recording indicators.
- Interference Minimization.
-, , combiners & their particular application.
- Modulation strategies & electronic compression.
- Electrical Safety requirements for alert distribution.
- Future improvement the aerial and multimedia business.

Mastering Effects
After this 2-day programme all participants should be able to;
- choose the proper aerial for regional terrestrial television reception.
- Align and record signal amounts.
- Install a chimney lashing.
- Fit the correct connections to terminate coaxial cables.

Mastering Style
This programme is class room based by PowerPoint and possesses and mixture of practical demonstrations with hands-on understanding exercises.

Assessment Method
The evaluation means for this programme is through means of a multiple-choice available book evaluation report with a pass of 65%.

Programme Duration

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Aerial Installation Company BULWELL : Bulwell Aerials
Aerial Installation Company BULWELL : Bulwell Aerials
Bournville Aerial Installations
Bournville Aerial Installations
tv aerial installation, problems
tv aerial installation, problems
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