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Antenna point Installation

At the very least 15 straight feet is needed between your External Antenna (receives the exterior sign) therefore the interior Antenna (rebroadcasts the alert inside). Separation not as much as 15 straight legs can lead to decreased overall performance. Generally, increasing this distance (up to 40 foot) increase the overall performance and decreasing the exact distance will limit zBoost performance.

Installing and Aiming Directional Antennas

The positioning of this Directional External Antenna determines the overall performance and part of enhanced signal. Pick a spot making use of your cellphone to look for the part of strongest signal - typically found outside, over the roofline or perhaps in an attic. Remember in case the most readily useful signal is the one bar, your coverage should be limited to one tiny area.

The antenna must remain at the very least 3 feet above any steel things like pipes, material siding, A/C product etc. optimal performance will likely to be achieved once the antenna is directed at the best signal from your own wireless provider. Knowing the direction of your provider’s tower, simply aim the antenna in that course. If you're uncertain of location of the nearest tower, loosely secure the antenna towards the mounting surface or mast to allow modification or rotation around mast.

To get the maximum benefit, you will need to simply take special care to aim the antenna in direction of best sign for your wireless company.

  1. Place your mobile on a non-metal area which can be 6-8 feet from the Indoor Antenna.
  2. Change the sign booster on and wait 30 seconds. Note the sheer number of alert taverns displayed on your cellphone. For most readily useful outcomes, you prefer your phone to produce in the center of the signal meter range or less such that it can move up as you turn the exterior Antenna on optimum path. When it is reading excessive, go the phone farther through the Indoor Antenna.
  3. Record how many sign taverns (or range) ________(A) in your cellphone. Keep the telephone in identical location and pointing in the same direction for the following measures. Note the course of antenna starting place_________________________.
  4. Rotate the antenna mast 90 degrees then record the telephone sign pubs _________(B).
  5. Continue to rotate the antenna mast another 90 degrees in the same way and record the device signal bars _________(C).
  6. Once more, rotate the antenna mast another 90 degrees in the same way and again capture the telephone signal pubs _________(D).
  7. Look for the best reading above. Set the antenna to that place and tighten up the antenna mast.
  8. If you aspire to enhance more, after that search for the 2 highest signal bar readings above and go the antenna between both of these points to obtain the greatest signal bars reading.
  9. After you have determined the best reading position tighten the antenna bracket equipment.

Coax Cable

  • Only use the cable supplied with your zBoost system (or even the type specified for that model)
  • Never split or share the cable with another system
  • Never go beyond the specified duration of cable. For RG-6, usually do not exceed 65 foot. If much longer cable is necessary, use RG-11 up to 150 foot
  • Whenever connecting the cable to your antenna, operate the cable along through the antenna. Avoid draping the coax close to the antenna

Connecting Energy

Plug in zBoost Base device just after coax cable and antennas are connected and tightened.

For zBoost SOHO, TRIO and REACH models you start with ZB

During Initial Power Up

Light Mode




Program is running up. Kindly enable around 30 seconds.


Flashing GREEN

There's a problem because of the set up. BASE DEVICE will flash GREEN as soon as for almost any 2 dB lower than ideal sign gain. Coverage reduces more with every flash.

  1. Unplug the bottom UNIT power supply.
  2. Move the EXTERNAL ANTENNA to pick up the best signal from your own wireless service.
  3. Increase the height distinction between the EXTERNAL ANTENNA and INDOOR ANTENNA whenever you can. The antennas need the absolute minimum 15 ft. of straight separation (height difference).
  4. Plug the BASE DEVICE power back.
  5. Wait 30 secs. the BASE UNIT to run cycle on.

After Preliminary Power Up


zBoost is ready.

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