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TV Antenna amplifier Installation


The amplifier must certanly be put in as near to the antenna that you can. It´s most frequently attached to the antenna mast making use of the included U-bolt clamp.

Next connect a quick coax cable towards antenna, and link another end towards the feedback from the pre-amp labeled "ANT. Feedback" or "VHF/UHF"

After that run a cable from production associated with the pre-amp, typically labeled “TV OUT” or something like that similar. This will end up being the cable run that goes from outside towards the building.

The energy supply or power injector, is set up in-line once the cable is inside building. Connect your coax cable into the slot labeled “From ANT.”

Once You've the cable attached to the feedback from the power injector, there must be one available slot, labeled “To TV”. This is where you certainly will connect your coax cable leading out to the television or splitters.

Ensure there clearly wasn’t any products installed in-line between the pre-amp and the power. These could prevent the voltage this is certainly becoming delivered up the cable to run the amp, which leads to a 80per cent paid off signal.

how-to Install a pre-amplifier - pre-amp - amplier

If you have installed the pre-amplifier properly and get even worse sign then just before setup it, one of the after issues could be the cause:

Over driving your tuner
When you have TV stations within 25 kilometers, it is possible to overdrive your television Tuner with way too much signal. Please see our article on selecting the proper pre-amp to find out more. The outward symptoms of over driving would be a nearby channel without reception, while weaker channels may nonetheless arrive.

Amp is certainly not getting energy
Unit set up between your pre-amp and power, which do not state "Power passive" will prevent current, pull these items if needed. Also various other amplifers installed between pre-amp and power-supply can interrupt sign.

This could easily additionally be brought on by utilizing low quality cable, especially RG59 that will not have a good copper conductor. Those cables cannot pass the current around the amp over long works. You are able that a coax cable are damaged, and still deliver a signal, however pass current. Take to replacing the cable amongst the pre-amp and power

Not receiving FM
Numerous pre-amps be capable of stop FM, through a feature called an FM Trap. This is often utilized whenever an FM Transmitters is within 10 approximately kilometers, and is interfering with television reception. FM works on a frequency between 6 and 7, and will impact nearby channels. To receive FM be sure to set the FM Trap to OUT.

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