CCAV Satellite TV Antenna

Antenna reviews Indoor

Posted by: Arhymer from Bristol TN on It works for what I bought it for: watching football lol

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Really Great In The End

Posted by: mssilverlake from back at my television went out after which my antenna went. I happened to ben't also pleased about having to get another b/c my old had worked wonderfully. Although cost was very economical plus it ended up being really easy to use to create. As well as, I wound up getting usage of networks I never really had prior to. It is simply like any various other antenna where you must go it and fiddle along with it. As soon as you determine suitable positioning, it works like a glove. I'm happy with-it.

Great choice for cutting cable

Published by: Tara from from the antenna took some fiddling with to get the most useful signal nevertheless reception is preferable to we expected.

works great

Posted by: Anna from onto it works best for getting throughout the air television broadcasting

No further cable!

Published by: Sorina08 from on Antenna works great and extremely easy to setup. No longer cable!

No good for me!

Published by: Kona10 from from the optimize choice did not do much for me personally and getting more networks!

Great item

Published by: Kaeflow from on Gave 4 ** because the line wasn't for enough time

It worked

Published by: MiguelA from Torrance with this product actually worked even though it's the old-style.

Trustworthy Item with Effortless Attach

Published by: paul from on Product was simple to hook-up and found all local programs with out any adjustment


Published by: Bunbury from on For the cost it's great, you must go it to be in a position to view some networks.

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Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna Review
Mohu Leaf Indoor Antenna Review
OneForAll SV 9385 Full HD Indoor Antenna Review
OneForAll SV 9385 Full HD Indoor Antenna Review
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