Mancor Thin Indoor HDTV

High Definition antenna Indoor

- Evaluation by: Cheryl

I've refused to cover the extravagant prices cable businesses tend to be asking for TV, and I'm glad I presented aside. After reading one of several (today many) articles about choices to spending money on cable, i discovered a recommendation when it comes to Mohu Curve 30. Ordered it on Friday, got it Monday, setup it in 7 mins (without having any tools, after the extremely effortless guidelines) and I also will have 12 stations (major companies and PBS), that are a lot in my situation. Cannot state enough good stuff about it antenna - for a one-shot cost of $50 it's a proper steal. A Great Option To Basic Cable

- Review by: Grandie

This is a wonderful item! We tried it on a TV that has been tough to operate a cable to and had the ability to pick up around 40 channels, including all significant communities. In the event that you check-out Mohu's website, you'll place in your zip rule and they will let you know which channels the Antenna will grab. They also make amplified variations that increase the number of the antenna, which might be helpful if you reside within the suburbs. We had purchased the typical Mohu very first, but came back it since you must pin the antenna to a wall. The curve, on the other hand, comes with a stand as possible simply put-on a shelf (therefore seems pretty cool). P.S. In my opinion that cannot use older TVs unless you hook up to a converter field Mohu Curve 30

- Assessment by: Carolyn

Wonderful product Easy to install.Antenna put by the window sill, I could receive 60 networks .
You cut costs.Say good-bye to satellite tv.
Will recommend the Mohu Curve 30. Great sign strength, love this.

- Analysis by: Michael R Bitsch

I've a mature Mohu Leaf, and had been really impressed featuring its performance. We finished up putting it up within the attic (attempted a number of huge antennas designed for outdoor/attic use, all underperformed the Mohu Leaf). Picked this up for are little television that gets moved around the house, which does better still compared to old Leaf. Solid performer. SURPASSED EXPECTATIONS with A SUBSTANTIAL MARGIN

- Evaluation by: Scott Coverley

We live-in NYC in a loft 86 ft long on the next Floor and have the Mohu antenna on one end with one TV and have coaxial running to the other end connected to 2 more TVs with a motorola sign booster (which to share with you the truth might not make much of a positive change). So utilizing an individual Mohu Curve for 3 TVs 86 feet apart. I'm getting decidedly more channels than I got from basic cable. Maybe not noticing much attenuation from end to another, often. COULDN'T BE MUCH MORE SATISFIED!!!. If you live out in the nation or distant from major metropolitan location absolutely nothing beats a roof antenna or one establish within attic, thought. Additionally ALWAYS HAVE THE PROPER SETTING ON YOUR TV WHEN SCANNING FOR CHANNELS...IF YOU SET INPUT AS CABLE RATHER THAN AIR, THE television WILL SEE NO CHANNELS WITH THIS SPECIFIC (OR JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER ANTENNA FOR THAT MATTER). I will be suspecting which is why some provided bad reviews and advertised this thing didn't work. Kind product

- Review by: sandeep rai

I'm pleased with the Mohu Curve. It requires only a little modification and active to find out the perfect position for maximum station reception. The station quality is great and i particularly love the HD stations. It offers really aided me to watch high quality television channels to get reduce the ridiculously high cable tv expenses. Thanks! Great reception with an amplifier

- Review by: Naomi Bond

Only purchase this antenna if you're likely to add an amplifier. Without an amp, I have the same receptions when I did with a $15 amplified antenna from target. aided by the amp I included about 10 channels. Antenna is effective and appears great

- Evaluation by: soytigre

We have been getting about fifteen television programs 100% free, with great obvious reception. It was super easy to install and easy to plan. TOP ANTENNA ON THE MARKET

- Assessment by: Brandon Esenther

Inhabit NYC and ended up being making use of the RCA electronic amplified antenna 1251R. Switching into the curve has given myself more networks and a crystal obvious photo for the stations. Whats great also is the fact that the bend seems sharp and has now such exceptional range i could put it on a shelf alongside my tangible wall without compromise in image high quality. Nice total reception across significant channels

- Review by: Hun Kim "i am on a watercraft."

I've tried two various other HD antennas before this, which includes:

- Mohu Leaf
- Antennas Direct Micron-XG ClearStream

Therefore offered the Mohu bend a-try, and lo and behold all significant networks have advisable that you great reception today (abc, nbc, cbs, pbs, cw, fox could be the ones I love). It sits on my media cupboard diagonally dealing with the screen, seems great.

Successful At long last discovered an antenna that gets constant sign across all those channels (needless to say your mileage can vary based on area etc.).

Great Signal in Midtown New York

- Evaluation by: John in NYC

I recently wished to let you know that consistently i am making use of a Clearstream Micro and a couple of rabbit ears affixed with a diplexer, but still had to constantly readjust all of them for every single channel to tune in precisely. At one-point I tried the Leaf plus it did not work because i possibly couldn't obtain it placed right and it's certainly not designed to be modified when establish. That Leaf has become within the control of a friend in Brooklyn for who it really works completely.

I recently got the Curve 30, and I cannot let you know exactly how happy i will be with how well it is getting EVERY station, both VHF and UHF and I also never have to adjust it. It is a magic small machine.

Great Product!

- Review by: RK

I happened to be formerly getting about 6 low definition channels. I intuitively acquired this one without performing any research and chose really. I now obtain near to 100 HD channels. Most Useful That There Is

- Evaluation by: Del

Here is the 3rd interior antenna that people've attempted for a rather problematic kitchen area. We have now have more broadcast stations than we ever before knew existed. It's nonetheless maybe not perfect, since we must change the antenna some in order to get specially low-power networks. I'm going to purchase another one for my company, which features difficulties with a number of low-power channels within Phoenix, the next time obtained a sale on this product. perfect fit

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HD-801 Compact Antenna with High Performance
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