UHF and VHF antenna Indoor

• Receive Number: VHF/UHF/FM
• VHF Gain: 20dB
• UHF Gain: 30dB
• Power: 3W
• Frequency: 40-860MHz
• Impedance : 75Ù
• Max. Result Level: 95 dBµ
• Operating Voltage: 110V/60Hz
• DC Input: 12 V

Is it an electronic digital antenna?
Analog and electronic indicators are broadcast on VHF and UHF frequencies, so all antennas can collect digital signals. Its more a matter of having an antenna that addresses the frequencies that your particular programs tend to be broadcast on (VHF/UHF). This really is a little confusing whenever manufacturers list an antenna as "Digital Ready", or "HD Antenna", but if they are labeled in this way or perhaps not, all antennas have actually this ability.

Simply how much signal will I lose easily place this during my attic?
You may lose 40-50percent of sign energy when placing an antenna in an attic that's covered by plywood and asphalt shingles. A lot more signal is lost with foil covered insulation, material roofs and concrete frameworks. Beyond a variety of 30-35 kilometers an attic set up is typically not advised. Due to the large sign lack of an attic set up, an antenna with two times the range is needed to receive the exact same quantity of signal. Digital reception has actually a much higher limit of sign energy than analog reception.

Do i would like a rotator?
It depends on how broad a direction your antenna covers. This feature is known as the ray width. The common antenna has actually a beam width of 35 degrees, from 360. Check-out a niche site like or glance at the compass positioning. If the difference between levels between any desired channels is very good than your antennas ray width, then you will need a rotator. Remember bigger antennas which have a boom size over 131 inches need a rotator that can endure the windload and torque we suggest the CM9521.

What is the distinction between a directional, multidirectional and omnidirectional antenna?
Directional antennas grab from a thin path often around 40 degrees broad out-of 360 and it is perfect for long-range reception. Multidirectional antennas have a wide ray width often 60-90 levels, permitting them to receive stations being via several directions. Omnidirectional antennas obtain signal from all guidelines, and also have the quickest range.

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Source: www.solidsignal.com
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