Antenna TV Setup

Stick to the three simple steps below for no-cost, over the air television.

Step one: utilize the digital tuner.
You have an electronic tuner inside TV set if it was manufactured:

In the event the TV set doesn't fit those criteria, you need the after:

  • Digital converter package
  • VCR with electronic tuner
  • DVD recorder with electronic tuner
  • DVR with electronic tuner

Step two: Plug your indoor or outside antenna into your TV set or electronic tuner unit. (to find out more as to what form of antenna you may need, head to
The coaxial cable may be plugged into your TV’s feedback jack, if it's an integral electronic tuner.

Follow these instructions to connect your antenna to an electronic converter field or a VCR, DVD recorder, or DVR with an electronic tuner:

  • Link your antenna coaxial cable into the “Antenna In” jack from the straight back of digital tuner box.
  • Use an additional coaxial cable for connecting the “Out to TV” regarding the electronic tuner field to your “Antenna In” regarding the straight back of this TV.
  • Set it to Channel 3 or 4 as indicated on straight back of your electronic tuning product.

3: Scan for channels.
All electronic converter boxes and digital TVs will vary in terms of scanning processes. These is a broad guide, although actions or the language are different for the device:

  • Push the “Menu” option on your own converter box, converter package remote, television, or TV remote
  • Visit “Setup” or “Settings”
  • Head to “Installation” or “System” or “Channels”
  • Head to “Scan channels”, “Program channels”, “Autoscan”, “Autoprogram”, or “Autotuning”
  • Press “Select” or “Enter” or “OK” to begin the scan
  • If the unit says checking is total accept the channels found and close the menus
  • Some devices might need to be re-scanned occasionally, when they lose a broadcast signal

Helpful Hyperlinks:

Sites to determine the reception at your address:

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ClearStream5™ HDTV Antenna Setup and Installation
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My Antenna Setup for my 13 TV under $1
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